Live Twitter Feed in Prezi

 To enhance your Prezi presentation with live Twitter feeds, follow these steps on your Mac computer:

  1. Download “” file from
  2. Unzip the file. You will get the “prezi_twitter_feedback_slide.swf” flash file.
  3. Login to your Prezi account and open an existing presentation or create a new one.
  4. Edit Prezi.
  5. Insert/file.
  6. Select the “prezi_twitter_feedback_slide.swf” flash file and insert it in the presentation. You will see the template.
  7. Resize this object if you want to.
  8. Save your presentation.
  9. To populate the template with Twitter feed, zoom out first to activate the text field for accepting typing, then click in the text box and type your search term (account name, a hashtag or other word), then click Refresh.
  10. You can now zoom in or switch to full screen mode.
  11. If you want to enter a new live feed, do steps 9-10.

You can embed live Twitter feeds in Prezi.

Test Twitter in Prezi. First click on the play button in Prezi, then place your cursor in the text box (lower left corner) where you can see “prezi” and type e.g.: “twitter AND prezi” and click on the Refresh button.


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